In order to translate and share the spirit of her home country, Brazil, Jordan created for herself a fun and innovative approach to jewellery using playfulness as a key element of the work.

Known for its own magical charisma and as a land of spontaneous and fun-loving people, one of Brazil’s most positives aspects is the optimism in people’s identity and of values related to happiness, hope and joy.


The collection is framed to enhance a sense of fun by letting the wearer choose how they will wear pieces.

Bracelets can be used as earrings whilst rings can be attached to hoop earrings. With a funky, warm and juicy design, these asymmetric pieces are colourful and bold, bringing attention to those who are wearing it.

Handmade in Brazil, the gold plated rings, earrings and bracelets use irregular beads often formed of specialized hand carved precious and semi-precious stones. The stones create the main characteristic combined with delicate wire frames to outline their beauty.


Instantly uplifting and cheerful jewels for wearing everyday.

Wow earring
Bubbly bracelet
Cheer ring