This project is intended to introduce some romance to daily life in this crowded, bustling and stressful world with musical jewellery.


The two collections respond to the wearers activities by sound making, exploiting touch sensors and micro-electronics offering different emotional experiences through visual and aural design.


The collection “Whisper” a series of silver earrings, plays soothing sounds through a touch/prompt button. By combining design with the melodious sounds, the jewellery portrays a secret world, whispering close to your ears a gentle romantic poem. It smoothes your emotions and creates a moment that belongs to you.


The collection “My little monsters” is inspired by daily life and imagination to create a wide-based narrative which has options to explore through jewellery and in the future, animation. Each monster has a different look, name, job and personality. Each has a ‘home town’ where they live and operate monster businesses. Created with hand and machine embroidery and a specifically designed audio module, every monster offers nearly 100 individual responses. Wearers can upload their own sounds using a SD card. As you wear your monster, they accompany you, bring smiles and pleasure to your friends with their funny expressions and deeply sincere words.