WHAT OR WHO: Jewellery for Contemporary Homo Narrans

“I love it because it is like my beaming face just before eating delicious food in front of me.”


John Niles described humankind as Homo Narrans, storytellers. In the digital era, flooded with information, we are truly living in a world full of stories. The digital platform such as social media allows individuals to tell their stories however trivial. However, each and every story is subtly different through experience, culture and background.


The collection ’What or Who’ creates a platform for telling personal narratives through jewellery. Inspired by pareidolia, which is ‘to unconsciously create something meaningful in a meaningless shape’ formed the background to this work.


In this jewellery collection playing with abstract forms can offer recognizable faces to be worn as earrings, brooches or necklaces. By invoking faces and exploring how they might interact with viewers, individuals can differentiate themselves by self-created narratives.