AD-HOC: ‘Fruit Bowl’

The collection represents a tropical journey that travels from the intriguing nature of fruits through to Pre-Columbian art and symbolism all in the context of sustainability in particular by-products of the emerald.


Jewellery components can be selected from Zambrano’s interpretation of a ‘fruit bowl’; influenced by cultural references of her home country Colombia.


The collection aims to elevate the ordinary to the precious playing with the perception of value by juxtaposing and redefining objects and materials. Ad-hoc offers a concept of deconstruction and re-arrangement of interchangeable components. These can be linked in multiple ways to transform and adapt into various forms of jewellery.


Recycled metals such as aluminum, silver and gold and interventions on readymade objects are part of the structure of this abstract ‘fruit bowl’, a composition of fruit shaped artifacts carefully put together to form a mask when looked at from a far, it’s symbolic meaning can be decoded by the user personal choices through a reflective journey that encourages individuality.