‘Samrimryok’ meaning the immersion of self within nature, is an attempt to connect with the intensity and sensation of past experiences of nature, particularly seashores, as a healer. Exploiting sensations of touch and the visual qualities of unique hand-cut stones to create symbols of wellbeing and restfulness.


Kim explores the materiality of her chosen pebbles and takes inspiration from the experiences of specific locations where she has been. Kim has collected pebbles for this collection on Mongdol, Chesil, and Brighton beaches. Sensuously smooth or intriguingly rough, multihued or monochrome, patterned or plain, the stones from each area tell a different story of how it came to be, providing powerful inspiration sources for design. The stones Kim has cut make explicit the value of personal narratives of relaxation, highlighting the power of a visit to the beaches, and the special time with the pebbles that she has designed with.


Each and everyone of us has gathered stones, Kim offers a new way to consider the value of what stones might be in contemporary jewellery. Why buy a mined stone when you and those closest to you can find and set your own stone through this project.