Wang’s project started with the observation and research into the frequent social events around identity that are a characteristic of contemporary European cultures. Events like gay prides, festivals, marches and gatherings. From this standpoint he explores an understanding of personal identities and social values. He questions, from a jeweler’s perspective, sexual identity, dress codes and how jewelry can participate in these discourses.


The ‘Infinite S’ collection explores sexuality in a wide range of forms, materials and outcomes. Wang draws upon Asian and Western historical depictions of sex, of taboos and openness through a soft-erotic vocabulary of sensuality and restraint.


Synthesizing Asian and Western influences through extensive research into knotting from fishing and farming communities on both sides of the globe provides a cultural bridge into the production of these pieces.


The concept plays out through shapes of gender-neutral jewelry and jewelry-like objects to discover new wearable potentials.  Wang seeks to prove that contemporary art jewelry still keeps and defines the core values of our modern lives.