The Desert Blooms is a collection of fine jewellery pieces inspired by the native desert flora of Kuwait. The desert is usually an arid and harsh environment but under the right conditions seeds that have been lying dormant for years grow and blossom all at once creating a magical landscape. For Kuwaitis these desert flowers represent strength, resilience and hope.


Consequently the collection is full of soft curves, sensuous volumes and bright un-tamed colours.


Alsharhan exploits her extensive knowledge of Kuwait’s jewellery history and of the current market seeking to create a new authentic Kuwaiti jewellery culture. One not trapped in the past, respectful history yet focused on the future of this countries now youthful cultural demographic.


This flow and merging of old and new is reflected in the production of the collection, Alsharhan exploring traditional techniques alongside emerging jewellery technologies.

Alsharhan’s passion as a designer is to make fine jewellery for modern women who might appear to be calm and peaceful yet blossom to express themselves loudly and unapologetically celebrating all that is good in life.

Hamsa earrings
Halo Rumex earrings