This furniture project combines artistic values and utility, and aims to generate a form of collaboration between the user and the work of the designer.

The project looks at both themes of longevity and ‘user involvement’ within the design of furniture.


The collection is inspired by a universal need for self-expression and our developed-world creation of identity through our relationship with possessions. The project examines this relationship and how it relates to our individual needs and the demands of modern society


The project explores different forms of furniture. The result aims to be both aesthetically and functionally playful. The individual pieces are heavily stylized, allowing their appearance to be ‘tuned’ by the user.


The millennial cabinet explores ‘surface’ design. By manipulating the pivoted decorative elements, the visual effect of the cabinet changes. This surface variability aims to relate either to the contents within, the space it occupies, or to the taste of the owner.