Pusaka, meaning treasure or heirloom in Sanskrit, is a silver filigree jewellery collection inspired by Indonesian batik iconography and Master-craftsmanship.


With a narrative that stems from the journey of Indonesia batik to the heart of its modern society, Pusaka highlights the dilemma for today’s batik community. Sustainability and survivability of Indonesia handcrafted batik in this global era, is at risk due to the popularity of knock-offs created by the big textile and garment industries.


Pusaka rejects the modern culture of mass production and mass consumption by utilizing traditional hand skills and technique to create smaller numbers of individual pieces.


Re-constructing elements found in Indonesia traditional batik pattern using structures from plants and buildings, Charmain re-invents ancient local traditions then explores them through jewellery.


Co-designing and collaborating with his local filigree master-craftsman from Kotagede, Indonesia, Charmian has invented a new filigree technique rooted in the traditional way of making.


Recycled sterling silver has been chosen to build this body of work due to its malleable and light characteristic. This offers a collection delighting in voluminous yet light Jewellery pieces that express the organic movement and delicate qualities found in handcrafted batik.

Pattra Earrings
Kuja Hair Piece
Kaza Brooch (Back Up)