‘La Dolce Vite’ is a collection inspired by the icons of Italian design with a contemporary twist. It has a fresh, playful aesthetic, characterised by unusual structures, audacious textures, and inventive mechanisms.


By questioning the status quo of traditional jewellery and Made in Italy manufacturing processes, Neri applies an innovative perspective, turning jewellery inside out. The design language appears as a composition of streamlined curves held together or challenged by contrasting mechanical elements, where soft sections and harder engineered details balance each other out, offering a surprising sense of tension.


Composed from cabochon stones, kinetic elements, and contrasting coloured golds, these unconventional pieces embody a modern sensuality, the essence of Italian creativity.


The title ‘La Dolce Vite’ sounds like a reference to classic Italian cinema, although it is also a game of words: ‘vite’ is the Italian for ‘screw’, the main feature within this innovative setting system.

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