‘Chroma’ celebrates the stunning characteristics and beauty of graphically patterned stones not traditionally used in fine jewellery. Payne seeks to reshape perspectives as part of a global reassessment of the value of ‘non-precious’ stones as a decorative resource.


In the first installment from this ‘global nomad’ jeweller, Payne takes us on a journey from the Australian wilderness to the ancient forests of Indonesia and the oceans of Madagascar to discover the rare and unusual stones collected by artisanal miners who hold fascinating local knowledge.


The collection is defined by a purity of form, achieved through custom cut stones, which also offer sensuously tactile surfaces to the wearer.


Carefully considered harmonies and contrasts of colour and pattern synthesise the stones with their gold and gem set mounts.


The collection offers a journey of discovery and a new appreciation for preciousness through a deeper understanding of rarity.