This collection is inspired by the bonsai tree. A plant whose conflicted beauty emanates from the tension between the rigorous forming process and the final natural aesthetic which conceals the artificial. The process reveals human confidence in our power over nature, whilst the final form reflects our consideration for it, epitomizing the grower’s own personal creative expression and self-restraint.


With this as background, the theme for the collection is the ring featuring innovatively mounted jade stones, a stone traditionally used to project power and strength. The orthodoxies of such rings are for Zhang a metaphor for trees and the basis for new accessories, just like a tree is shaped to become a bonsai. Using inspirations from wearing jewellery in daily life and the history of European jewellery forms allow Zhang to explore new ideas.


‘I am deconstructing and regenerating jade rings in a manner which I hope to be incongruous yet restrained.


Through a new generation of jewellery, incorporating gold, silver, pearl, gems, diamonds, dried flowers, as well as the jade itself, I hope to share what "value" means to me. Consequently the ‘value’ of each jade piece ‘distorts’ my jewellery design process and therefore of the ring itself. Each piece helps me explore my psyche, then stands for itself, building a connection with the person wearing it’.