“Have you really felt a natural world, a world full of various types of beautiful wildlife? I can only say that I have seen a small part of it, some of the last parts left behind in the process of urbanization. They are to me, unforgettable”.


This era is witnessing the rapid urbanization and the separation between humans and nature. "Our future is set to be urban", the media proudly reports. Nevertheless, for the individuals who have wonderful memories of or yearnings for nature and animals, the crazy urban environment actually leaves a sense of emptiness, loneliness and insecurity. So how might we fill this emotional gap?


Jewellery as a close decoration with the human body also carries emotional communication and self-expression. Cui’s jewellery collection Animated Companion takes visual inspiration from the active postures of some familiar animals. Different characters in the collection and various ways of assembly encourage the client to create their own narratives and show their personality. Through designing the flexible connections and hidden mechanisms in the pieces to increase the interactivities with the wearer, the designer hopes that this collection will accompany the client just like eternal friends.