Osimo is an Italian Jeweller who aims to create unusual and ironic wearables.


She creates pieces of jewellery from combinations of luxury' materials, exploiting the trust of 'Handmade in Italy' and assumptions around the 'appearances' of wearable art pieces. Her aim is to become a trustworthy yet ambiguous figure for her clients, gaining their trust during this era of uncertain political and economic futures.


The title, Free Bitch, reflects this idea of making the wearer feel free and strong. From urban slang it characterizes Osimo’s muse “someone who doesn't care what other people think, free to do what they want, how they want, and whenever they want regardless.”


This collection is made for women who are not afraid to be looked at, while the jewels act both as a shield and a weapon for the wearer towards the rest of the world. They're for women who buy their own jewels without waiting to receive them as a gift.


Osimo uses a particular material formed from industrial nylon mesh tube, called Crin. A material which allows her to design and realize incredibly light yet majestic pieces due to its ductility, lightness and incredible resistance.