Inspired by the nonchalant attitude of Parisians, how they act and their relationship with style and fashion; VICE//VERSA is a collection designed for this internationally followed style tribe and those who may want to join them.

Parisians operate duplicitously in the attitude they present to the world, one founded on a contrast between how they want to appear and how they actually see themselves.


VICE//VERSA is a unisex collection designed as a tool for the wearer to highlight style and personality. This duality is present in the whole collection emphasized in the binary elements of each piece. Each has a different colour, shape, scale and finishing, which will bring a different vision of the object based on the viewpoint that you are looking for. This duality in the design is present in each piece with each piece detailed on its inside and/or back.


VICE//VERSA follows duality in the production of the collection with the contrast between its making and its the ‘street styling’ inspiration. The collection has been made in a small fine jewellery “atelier” in Paris; a type of making usually used for fine and high-end jewellery. For Enkaoua, this high crafting brings Parisian production values to the detailing aspects of the collection.

©Deborah Enkaoua

© 2018 by MA Design, Central Saint Martins.

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©Deborah Enkaoua

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