MOWO - move with wood

Movement celebrates life and it is, although not obvious at first sight, encouraged by every object of this furniture collection.


The collection embodies two different pathways of exploring elastic wooden furniture. The unexpected flexible and sprung reaction of the plywood seats supports the user’s natural balance and fulfils the body’s need for movement.


A family of stools, fun objects for everyday use from desk work till dining, allow tilting and twisting movements. Their symmetric shapes and the absence of backrests encourage the sitter to explore different sitting positions. While the ‘minimal material’ thickness allows the plywood pieces to bend and twist when charged, the high tensile strength of birch wood withstands high loads and makes the stools suitable for different weights and sizes.


‘Aera’ forms a second aspect of the collection, presenting a woven plywood structure, adaptable to the body’s weight and shape by allowing smaller deformations within its volumes. For floor use, indoors or outdoors it delivers a robust, sprung support, easily mounted on a bench frame, where it provides space for two people. 


The fragmented arrangement of plywood pieces offers different forms through bending, compression and stretching.


MOWO is suitable for home, office or hospitality uses and offers efficient scalability for larger production volumes.