MA Design is a two year, project-based

masters during which students focus on a

visionary project of their devising. It is always

exciting and interesting for the staff team to

work alongside such researchers and we are

naturally proud of the work our graduates do

and their future careers. Many have made a

world-class impact already even though the

course is only 14 years old.

We believe that what makes a graduate from

MA Design; Ceramics, Furniture or Jewellery

particularly important is that they not only

conceive, research and design but also

deliver fully realised objects. What you see are

not sketches, not models, but the real deal,

beautifully realised. Globally aware design

allied to the skills our graduates deliver is

increasingly rare in the present climate.



As a research masters program, MA Design;

Ceramics, Furniture or Jewellery requires

its students to spend their two years with

us researching, defning and developing

the work that you see implemented and on

display in our graduate show. We are seeking

individuals who have a personal vision and

the determination, talent and curiosity to

ensure that it is delivered. This happens

through hard work.


So, as Course Director and on behalf of my

colleagues, I am delighted that you have

chosen to join us in celebrating this year’s

thoroughly international cohort of visionaries.

As a course that has, at its root, a passionate

combination of design and craft in all their

manifestations, I think you can clearly see

how many differing and wide-ranging ways

this cohort believes that production can

come in many forms. From the hand made to

digital frontiers, this awareness is important

for all of our futures and future aspirations.

Aspirational, because many of the objects

in this year’s show are both desirable and

extraordinary, and because, if you are tracking

the careers of our past alumni, you will already

know that these will indeed become some of

the objects of the future.

June 2018​

Simon Fraser, Course Leader

MA Design; Ceramics

MA Design; Furniture

MA Design; Jewellery 


© 2018 by MA Design, Central Saint Martins.

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